Do I Need Professional Help?

How to tell when it’s time to talk to the pros.

It’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to seek help as we struggle in life. However, when we have tried without success to resolve certain issues and when we do not find relief, it is important that we consider talking to someone who is able to help us work through our stuck points.

Working with a professional will allow you the opportunity to share more openly as well as to see things from a different perspective that a trained professional is able to provide. Here are some things to think about as you decide whether to talk to a professional:

If you are asking yourself “Do I need to seek professional help?” there’s likely an important enough
issue to be addressed that you have not yet been able to resolve on your own.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you have been having difficulty in of any of the following areas:
 Your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing
 Your basic functioning (school/ work, relationships, daily tasks)
 Your ability to cope/ find relief on your own or with the help of others
 Your behaviors and responses to people and/ or situations

If you have had difficulty in any of the above areas and have been unable to overcome the problems you face, it may be worth your while to work with a professional. Sometimes, we face issues in one part of our lives that end up impacting our functioning in more than one area. A mental healthcare professional is trained to help you to figure out the source of the problem(s) and work on a

Who do I seek help from?
There’s a link to an article that provides an overview of what Malaysian mental healthcare professionals do that may be helpful in determining who to engage.

How much will it cost?
The cost of seeking mental healthcare depends on where you go, who you seek help from as well as what kind of services you receive.

In general, private practitioners will have a higher fee for their services but will be more likely to be able to attend to you sooner and you will usually see the same professional for follow-up sessions.

Fees may also differ based on experience and expertise. Seeing those who prescribe medications as part of your care will usually cost more due to the medication involved.

For those who are not able to afford the fees, there are hospitals that provide inpatient and outpatient care as well as other organizations that provide services for a small fee when clients are seen by therapists-in-training.

Another factor that determines the fees is the type of service you receive – therapy, assessments and/ or medication, depending on what you need help with.

How long will therapy take?
This is a common concern. The length of time varies for each individual and is determined by a few factors, including:

 Whether you are responding well to the specific treatment you receive
 Whether you are committed to follow through with therapy
 The type and severity of issue that you are struggling with and its impact on different aspects of your life
 The ‘fit’ between your therapist and you, i.e. how comfortable you are with your therapist
 Other issues that may impede progress

I work closely with my clients to develop individual plans and personalize my approach to address the struggles of each person to meet the unique goals set in therapy. Ultimately, my clients aim to build resilience and learn the skills to better cope with whatever challenges arise in the future.